John and Monica's

History of Dogs

This shows the history of our ever-changing dog lineup
(not counting dozens of foster dogs).
Each of our dogs is the very best dog in the world.
We miss each of our departed dogs terribly.


Yappy and Spunky

Cocoa-nut, Spunky, and Yappy

Spunky, Max, Yappy, and Cocoa-nut

Yappy, Max, and Spunky

Champ, Yappy, Spunky, and Max

Champ, Max, and Spunky

Spunky, Champ, Max, and Tina

Tina, Spunky, and Max

Max, Spreckles, Spunky, and Tina

Spreckles, Tina, and Spunky

Hershey, Tina, Spreckles, and Spunky

Spreckles, Hershey, Tina, Spunky, and Diva

Spreckles, Diva, Hershey, and Tina

Spreckles, Truman, Hershey, Tina, and Diva

Diva, Spreckles, Tina, and Hershey

Diva, Tina, and Hershey

Hershey, Pippin, Tina, and Diva

Diva, Tina, and Hershey

Hershey and Diva

Hershey, Diva, and Bernie

Zeta, Diva, Hershey, and Bernie

Hershey, Zeta, Bernie, Diva, and Tudor

Bernie, Diva, Hershey, and Zeta

Hershey, Bernie, and Zeta

Zorro, Zeta, Hershey, and Bernie

Zorro, Bernie, and Zeta

Bernie, Zorro, Katmai, and Zeta

Zeta, Katmai, and Zorro